October 2015

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Hatchetfish are freshwater fish that belongs to the family of Gasteropelecidae. They are identified by their large sternal region, and are known for being good jumpers from water. They are often acknowledged as being the only true “flying fish”. Hatchetfish will usually keep close to the surface of the water, and fish tank they live in should have tight-fitting, well-sealed cover to avoid the fish from jumping out of the tank. Common Hatchetfish are very calm, and even shy fish. They make very good community aquarium mates. Most of the times, they tend to hang top, near the surface of the water and do value some floating plants. But their mouth is located up on top of their body and they eat at the surface, so be sure to also supply some clear areas as well for them to give food to. They must be placed in a well maintained tank as they are likely…

home aquarium

Arowana Fish

These fish are big, so you will need to have a huge tank, 4ft x 4ft or even bigger (an aquarium of at least 150 gallons is suitable) so they can have plenty of room to move and turn around. Arowana Fish can be an excellent pick for people who think big. Some forms can develop to four feet long (120cm). They can be gritty, but some grow to be harmless with age to the stage of eating from your fingertips. The Arowana Fish has a long history from fairly primitive origins, and some kinds are also called “Bony Tongued Fish”. Arowana fish are carnivores, however they will usually eat practically anything. Young Arowana Fish can be given frozen or live brine shrimp, black worms, and even small fish. If the fish gets older, some larger fish can also be fed. Baby Arowana Fish ought to be fed maybe 3 times a day, medium sized…