Arowana Fish

These fish are big, so you will need to have a huge tank, 4ft x 4ft or even bigger (an aquarium of at least 150 gallons is suitable) so they can have plenty of room to move and turn around.

Arowana Fish can be an excellent pick for people who think big. Some forms can develop to four feet long (120cm). They can be gritty, but some grow to be harmless with age to the stage of eating from your fingertips. The Arowana Fish has a long history from fairly primitive origins, and some kinds are also called “Bony Tongued Fish”.

5arowanaArowana fish are carnivores, however they will usually eat practically anything. Young Arowana Fish can be given frozen or live brine shrimp, black worms, and even small fish. If the fish gets older, some larger fish can also be fed. Baby Arowana Fish ought to be fed maybe 3 times a day, medium sized two times a day, and adults once a day. Wide selection is necessary for a well-balanced diet plan in Arowana Fish just like with any other fish.

Since they are a large fish and eat a lot of food, they will make significant amounts of waste so heavy filtration is particularly important.

They will be most relaxed when their surroundings is as close to their natural home as possible. The aquarium should include plants, sand and rocks.

Some species, like the silver Arowana in nature jumps out of the water to capture its prey. Just be sure you do not frighten an Arowana or you may possibly be trying to pick it up from the floor.

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