March 2016

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Choosing a Heater for your Aquarium

Heaters are a must on tropical fish tanks except if you are living in the tropics. Apart from for some noteworthy exclusions (Goldfish, Koi, Peppered Catfish, Lemon Barbs and some more, that favor cooler water), the greater part of tropical fish want temperatures of at least 74 degrees Fahrenheit and ideally a little higher. Size matters: Figure out the size of your aquarium. A big aquarium will need greater wattage. Small fish tanks make well with 25 watts and say about 40 inch aquariums need about 200 watts. To make it easy, add five watts for each gallon of water in your tank. Increase the temperature: As soon as you’ve identified the temperature your fish lives best in, check the room temperature, where the tank is positioned. Identify the variation between the two temperatures: a 10 degrees and lower variation will need just a low-watt heating unit, while if there is a variation of more…